vtigerCRM-Spain::vtOpenKM. vtiger CRM and OpenKM DMS Integration

We have integrated vtiger CRM and OpenKM Document Management System.

It is still a basic integration which has served us to learn the OpenKM API (to some extent) and, as most integrations see the amount of small details that make all integrations complex work.

In this first 1.0 version we have these features:

  • a vtlib installable extension
  • a new menu option which permits us to access OpenKM directly from inside our vtiger CRM. This has automatic login option so it is rather transparent access although it is very visible that we are inside vtiger CRM:
  • connection options between vtiger CRM and OpenKM are made directly inside vtiger module manager:
  • link between accounts and OpenKM. For each account we create a folder inside OpenKM and keep the reference so if the name is changed the folder name is also changed
  • we also add an action on the accounts that will take us directly to the account's folder in OpenKM

For the next versions we have on our road map:

  • automatic saving and versioning of quotes, salesorder and invoices under each accounts folder
  • sync users, so each user will login to OpenKM using their user and role, not a generic login for all like in version 1.0.
  • add meta data in OpenKM to the uploaded documents from vtiger CRM
  • enhance vtiger CRM global search to look for documents in OpenKM and take us there easily