Types of email and answers

I found this interesting article about Why People Don't Respond To Emails Anymore based on this one from the New York Times, very interesting.

In general I do a good job at managing my emails. I answer almost all of them and the majority of those in a timely manner. I spend most of my work day connected to the email box in an online mode, but, even with this effort, I still get a small portion of emails that get stuck in the Inbox. I see these emails rotting there almost every day and they produce a very uneasy feeling that I end up either answering with excuses and apologies very late or (in a very minor set) just ignoring.

I have one Inbox and one Process mail box, emails in Inbox, must be answered, discarded archived or moved to Process, so it is basically empty all the time. I spend all the time I can trying to empty the Process mail box. The number of emails in Process mail box is in the 60-120 range, normally from 80 to 100, any other numbers and you have to start worrying. It really is that easy and normally works well, but there is always a set of emails I just can't get to and normally it is for a handful or less of reasons.

If yours is in that category, I apologize, I am really not ignoring you nor trying to be rude, I just don't know what to say or how to answer your email.

It is probably not the answer you were waiting for but it is better than not answering.