vtigerCRM Service Contract Management. Recurring Billing.


We have implemented a similar feature in vtigerCRM for some of our clients. If anybody is interested send me a brief list of your necessities to see if we can help you.
The base part of our extension converts SO into contracts which are then invoiced at regular time periods. We have then adapted it to two customers:
- a hosting provider whose contracts are fixed rate periodic invoices
- a pc repair shop whose contracts include support services per pc


Can you tell me a little more about what you have done? We service thousands of document scanners and have service contracts that are time based.

The basic idea is simple:

  • we add some fields to SO
    • contract: checkbox indicates if it's a normal SO or it's a contract
    • frequency: invoicing period (monthly, annually,…)
    • start of billing period
    • end of billing period
  • you define the rest of the SO as the invoice to be generated
  • a cron job checks each day which SO to convert to invoice

Then we adapt this idea to your specific needs. We add the logic that reflects your way of working so that the contract really reflects the contract conditions you have signed with your client and adapt the creation logic to take into consideration that logic.

By “time based”, I understand the case of one of our clients who signs a contract which obliges him to visit his client at least once every 6 months, so we have configured trouble tickets to control the visits and installed a daily procedure which automatically creates trouble tickets for those clients that haven't been visited in the last 5 months.

Each visit has an extra charge besides the monthly fee that the contract (SO) automatically generates which is controlled by the timecards extension HelpDesk to Invoice feature.