vtigerCRM-Spain::Picklist Dependency Extension

NOTE: This extension was created for version 5.2.x and has now been superseded by the picklist dependency extension that newer versions have.

The goal of this change is to permit any user to define relations between picklists, so that only certain values appear in one list depending on the values selected on another.

We have created an extension that will show you all the picklists defined on any module and permit you to easily define which values depend on each other by simply clicking on the intersection.

You can even add dependencies on values of the same picklist so you can get some sort of workflow control, whereas you can make only certain values available when one is selected. For example, for a status picklist on trouble tickets you can setup that you cannot go from “waiting for response” to “closed” directly, you have to go by “working” first.

Another example would be to make one drop down menu name “Category” it will pick values from the category table from the database. values will be such as cat1, cat2, cat3 etc. When a user picks the value cat1 then in subcategory drop down .. subcategories related to cat1 should populate and if he chooses cat2 then categories related to cat2 should populate. This could be accomplished easily by creating all the subcategories in the second picklist and then selecting each category-subcategory relation.

Screen shots:

This patch requires minor modifications to the vtiger CRM base code (only three lines change). So to install it you must:

  • Install extension via module manager
  • Apply patch file:
    patch -p 0 < modules/PicklistDependencies/pldep.diff

Here is a video demonstration of how it is configured and works :

Para mostrar este contenido es necesario el Plugin Adobe Flash.