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es:paymasscreatediscussion [2013/02/09 23:43] (actual)
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 +[05:37:49 PM] Ng Chee Yong: 1. 1 payment for many invoices 
 +[05:38:02 PM] Ng Chee Yong: 2. Allow partial payment for invoices 
 +[05:38:19 PM] Ng Chee Yong: 3. Once payment is full, to change invoice status to Paid 
 +[05:39:09 PM] Joe Bordes: 2 and 3 is what it already does, so that isn't a problem 
 +[05:39:27 PM] Joe Bordes: and my first thought of 1 would be to break it down into its parts 
 +[05:39:31 PM] Joe Bordes: is that possible? 
 +[05:41:44 PM] Ng Chee Yong: let's say if a check is for $100 and to be paid to 2 invoices $60 and $40, if we create 2 payments for the check number, there will be room for mistakes 
 +[05:42:45 PM] Ng Chee Yong: how will you handle this in your current payment module? 
 +[05:43:44 PM] Joe Bordes: there is always room for mistakes 
 +[05:43:56 PM] Joe Bordes: they can create only one payment and put the wrong amount 
 +[05:44:04 PM] Joe Bordes: or relate the incorrect invoices,.... 
 +[05:46:13 PM] Ng Chee Yong: hmmm, yes but we try to use system to minimize them 
 +[05:48:39 PM] Ng Chee Yong: are we able to do something like in invoices 
 +[05:49:17 PM] Ng Chee Yong: where the header will have all the payment info and the details (like items) will contain the invoice details 
 +[05:52:30 PM] Ng Chee Yong: an invoice can be selected like an item (product) is selected under invoice module 
 +[05:52:40 PM] Joe Bordes: yes, I understand 
 +[05:53:39 PM] Joe Bordes: I would create a one shot extension that would permit you to create many payments in a consistent manner controlling that the total amount distributed to each selected invoice is correct 
 +[05:54:22 PM] Ng Chee Yong: yes, and that there is no overpayment in each invoice 
 +[05:55:32 PM] Ng Chee Yong: if the total paid must be equal to total allocated 
 +[05:56:09 PM] Joe Bordes: you mean the total pending on the invoice, right? 
 +[05:56:16 PM] Ng Chee Yong: yes 
 +[05:56:54 PM] Ng Chee Yong: if there is an unallocated amount, this will be allocated to a holding invoice number 000000 
 +[05:57:13 PM] Ng Chee Yong: payment record can only be saved if total amount has been fully allocated 
 +[06:02:15 PM] Joe Bordes: that can be a very interesting project 
 +[06:02:32 PM] Joe Bordes: it is kind of a "mass creation" screen 
 +[06:04:39 PM] Ng Chee Yong: fields to be shown on each line will be: 
 +[06:05:30 PM] Ng Chee Yong: Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, Amount Paid, Current Payment, Amount Outstanding 
 +[06:06:00 PM] Ng Chee Yong: Invoice Amount, Amount Paid, will be extracted values 
 +[06:06:32 PM] Ng Chee Yong: Amount Outstanding will be calculated value and the only amount that need to be entered is Current Payment 
 +[06:07:27 PM] Joe Bordes: I agree 
 +[06:07:39 PM] Joe Bordes: I think I got it for invoices 
 +[06:07:56 PM] Joe Bordes: even could be extended to other similar modules like Q, SO and PO 
 +[06:08:46 PM] Joe Bordes: in any case a first version wouldn't have that, just invoices 
 +[06:09:04 PM] Ng Chee Yong: yes, all our payments are to invoices 
 +[06:09:25 PM] Joe Bordes: ok, then no need to support the others either, right? 
 +[06:09:37 PM] Ng Chee Yong: no need for now 
 +[06:11:01 PM] Ng Chee Yong: if a payment is made together with a quotation, an invoice will have to be generated first before payment can be recorded 
 +[06:12:51 PM] Joe Bordes: ok 
 +[06:14:07 PM] Ng Chee Yong: currently, is Payments associated with Account and Invoice? 
 +[06:14:14 PM] Joe Bordes: yes