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Línea 4: Línea 4:
 \\ \\
 =====vtiger CRM 5.4.0 ===== =====vtiger CRM 5.4.0 =====
 ^Service|**Send Reminder**| ^Service|**Send Reminder**|
Línea 113: Línea 115:
 ^Sent to|Contact trying to recover his password| ^Sent to|Contact trying to recover his password|
 +This script launches all the notification email activated in the section Settings > Notification Schedulers
 +^Service|**various important events in the system**|
 +^Purpose|Notify admin user of certain important events that happen in the system.|
 +^From address|email of the admin user|
 +^Template|based on template in Notification Schedulers|
 +^Sent to|admin user|
 +This script launches special notifications to the contacts that have their customer portal due to expire soon. An email is sent a month and a week before expiration.
 +^Service|**Support Due to Expire Notification**|
 +^Purpose|Notify contact that their customer portal access is due to expire soon.|
 +^Template|based on template in Notification Schedulers and email templates|
 +^Sent to|Contact|