vtiger CRM Bill of Material. Basic/Product Bundles. Assemblies

NOTE: This change was created for vtiger CRM versions prior to 5.1 and superior. In 5.1 the base application already supported product bundles, so what we added for this series is the capacity to relate more than one subproduct (5.1. to 5.4 only permit one unit of subproducts) and update the stock and parent price accordingly.

This can be tested in the online demo site.

The basic idea of this add-on is to associate products with each other. So you have “basic” and “assembled” products. The basic ones are the same as vtiger CRM's current products. The assembled ones have a new section where you can select the basic products that form this new one.

When you sell you can select basic or bundled products and the stock is adjusted accordingly.

We are currently selling this extension, if you need any further enhancements related with this basic functionality we can adapt it to your needs. For example we have modified this extension to contemplate percentage of basic products instead of units and for another we have added a superior level called workpack which is formed by basic and assembled products and the prices are automatically calculated following business logic rules.

Product Assembly is formed by 1 unit of Basic 1 and 2 units of Basic 2

We have also modified the product popup with a helper selection between basic and bundled.