vtigerCRM-Spain:: Parent/Related assigned to email on entity.

Why was it created?

A frequent request we get is to create a workflow enhancement to add the related entity's assigned to email so the user can create workflows and send emails to the assigned user of the parent record.

For example, this would permit creating a workflow to send an email to the assigned user of an account when an invoice, project or contact was changed, or to be able to send an email to the assigned user of a project when one of it's project task or milestone changed.

What we usually do to solve this is to create a read-only email field on the record and fill it in with the parent/related entity's assigned user email. This way you can easily create workflows to send emails.

Based on this approach, we have created a generic solution to the problem. We have created a script that will permit you to create the read-only field on any supported module and have this field filled in automatically so you can send emails through the workflow system.

The supported modules are:

  • Potentials
  • Contacts
  • HelpDesk
  • Quotes
  • SalesOrder
  • Invoice
  • PurchaseOrder
  • ServiceContracts
  • Assets
  • ProjectMilestone
  • ProjectTask
  • Project
  • CobroPago

How to use it

You will have to copy a couple of files inside your vtiger CRM and then call one of them for each field/module you want to activate the services for.

That should be it, then you create the workflows and work normally.


This extension does not modify any vtiger CRM base files.

Thanks to Odin Consultores for supporting the creation of this patch.


This patch costs 75 euros. Make payment on our PayPal account PayPal. and send me the email of proof. I will send you the code.