vtiger CRM Marketing

What is it?

It is a vtiger CRM extended with a number of improvements to optimize business management control, designed to provide the sales department all it should have a to manage customer communication and control the commercial workload.

A tool without which you can not pass!

Here you will find a more detailed explanation

What does it contain?

How can I get it?

This is a live tool upon which we are constantly working and enhancing. Not only do we apply regular bug fixes we get from vtiger but also those that we find and fix on a daily bases working with vtiger CRM in many different scenarios, but also we add features and projects (see roadmap) that we develop to solve other business needs or ones that arise from the use of vtMakrketing tool.

Thus, it isn't something you can download because you would lose our support or make it complicated for us to give it to you and guarantee that the application is going to run smoothly.

That is why we only offer this tool as SAAS. The price is 9.5 euros/month/user, if you use your own outgoing server for emails. If you wish to use our service the minimum cost is 31 euros/month. Depending on the volume of emails and the requirements of your mass email campaigns this may cost a bit more.

If you would like to use PDFMaker which is very recommendable, we will charge a one time 40 euros license and setup fee.



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