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 +====== vtigerCRM-Spain::Discount on Product and Service Category======
 +This extension is installed in our [[http://vtiger-spain.com/vt_timecontrol54|Time/Resource Control 5.4.0 Demo]]\\
 +The goal of this change is to permit direct discounts for each account based on the category of products and/or services. It will permit us, for example, to assign a 10% discount to any account when he buys products in the software category and an 8% discount if he uses services of the technical category. These discounts will be automatically applied when selecting the product/service on the quote, salesorder or invoice.
 +This patch consists of a new vtiger CRM module called Discount Line and some modifications to the base code to add functionality to the quotes, salesorder and invoice product/service lines.
 +The first change is to synchronize the category picklists on the service and product entities, so, once the change has been applied both picklists will be exactly the same on both modules and can be easily maintained in the picklist editor of either module.
 +The new Discount Line module also shares this picklist with the two modules. It permits to select the associated account and indicate the amount of discount to apply on any category. The relation of discounts can be seen on the account's +info tab and there is a security check so you can't apply two or more discounts to the same category for the same account.
 +Finally, the patch modifies the product lines so that the corresponding discount is automatically applied when selecting products or services in the quotes, salesorder and invoice.
 +As usual with our work we can adapt it to your needs. If you don't want the picklists synchronized, want to related to contacts or need any other additional functionality, [[contact|contact us]].