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Welcome to the world of vtiger CRM, a functional and powerful open source CRM project, with a quickly growing community; and TRUE, FREE open source.

If you are looking for

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On this website you will find technical information and help for vtiger CRM users who are trying to do it themselves with support from other community memebers, fundamentally in Spanish, through the forum and documentation. This is our effort to support the vtiger CRM user community and out particular contribution to open source software in general.

For donations to support our effort or to pay any of our services you may use our PayPal payments page PayPal.


We try to satisfy these requests:

  • I need to start a vtiger CRM installation
  • I need to customize my vtigerCRM
  • I need support
  • I need professional and experienced advice
  • I need to integrate vtigerCRM with other existing systems
  • I need to migrate data into vtiger CRM
  • I need to integrate business process into vtigerCRM
  • I need to host my vtigerCRM on the Internet
  • I need a vtigerCRM installation on my company server

Who is our potential user?

We are oriented towards those people with the necessities detailed above but, in short, this website can be useful for those who:

  • Want to use vtiger CRM and need any kind of help.
  • Need to evaluate if a CRM is what they need.
  • Need to compare vtiger CRM to other CRM alternatives, be they Open Source or not.
  • Want to use/help the spanish speaking vtigerCRM community

How do we achieve these goals?

To achieve the goal of helping you accomplish yours we use these resources: 1.- vtigerCRM community, using the existing forum and wiki . See vtigerCRM 2.- Our add-on value service offer for vtigerCRM 3.- Joint-Venture collaboration with others to accomplish benefiting projects. Ask us. 4.- Our proved experience as members of the vtiger CRM community

Our commitment

We are very involved with the vtiger CRM project. We actively participate in the development of new features and modules, debugging and supporting the international vtigerCRM community.

In the Open Source world, we are also working intensively in other projects as can be seen on our company's website.

We are a computer consultant company, established since 1997 in Spain, in the province of Alicante, between Denia and Gandia. Thanks to the incredible tool of internet we are able to help our clients all over the world as if we were right next door. Thanks to all those clients that have put their trust in us from all over the world (Australia, Canada, USA, Germany).

You can find out more about us or get in touch with us to ask or suggest anything you please.

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