Hosting and Support Services

We have three levels of support:

  • basic 48 euros/month: email support
  • advanced 79 euros/month: email+skype support
  • online 142 euros/month: email+skype+direct code access

The difference between these levels is the access to our team and our team's access to your installation. In basic and advanced, we can not access your installation, you must make the changes yourself, following our indications. In the online version, you can contact us by email, skype and phone and we can access your server to make changes directly.

Also according to the contracted level you have right to greater discounts on the developments that are not covered by the contract.

We do not count the incidents or modifications, we help you with the problems you have when you have them and try to adapt to your needs.

Some of the services included are:

  • support to users as they learn to use the application
  • resolution of technical questions
  • solving problems and incidents
  • maintenance support, software errors, updates and patches
  • advice on backup and recovery
  • advice on compatibility and performance
  • immediate access to the expertise of our team via email support or a private IM channel
  • maintaining accurate documentation of your customizations changes as they arise
  • develop new features or improvements in your business processes
  • storage of knowledge of the application and processes that protect the company employee movements. We can train new staff as we guard the knowledge of the workings of the application.
  • free hosting of a copy of your code in a subversion repository for easy updating and maintenance
  • free hosting of a copy of your database for backups and custom development

Our hosting service is priced at 24euros/month per 5 users. This is a shared hosting server optimized for vtiger CRM implementation, we give you full access to all the application and we put your code under version control to handle changes to it, both by you and by us.

The servers are physically located in a data center in Spain. We make daily copies, which are removed from the server and stored on a backup server in our facilities and there is a weekly copy of the backup server that is taken to safe storage on a weekly rotation scheme. Anyway, as you have full access to the application you can make copies anytime you deem appropriate.

Whenever we install vtiger CRM, we do so using an optimized version that contains on top of the official free version a number of improvements aimed at enhancing the use of the application in general and in particular the support for foreign languages, and includes patches, bug and security fixes provided by the parent company since the release of the current version.

You can access and test a demo of the application on our website

Contract Services

On our Contract Services page you have access to a relation of different payment methods and subscription to our services.